Summerfest Music Festival


For our next music festival lets take a trip to Milwaukee, WI and visit Summerfest Music Festival. Believe it or not Wisconsin is home to this festival which happens to be the largest music festival in the entire world! Summerfest is a music festival that includes just about every genre of music that you could think of.


The large city of Milwaukee, WI makes a great area for the size of this music festival. People from all over the country and even the world come to witness parts of this 10 day music festival. Ya you heard that right, Summerfest provides music for 10 whole days!! Milwaukee provides an excellent venue for such a large event. There are 13 different stages within the festival walls. It is by far the largest music festival I’ve ever been to. There is so much to do there, you could go with a group of friends and spend all day there watching different concerts, eating mouth watering food and visiting endless amounts of shops. If there is one thing I could negatively say about this venue it is the bleacher seating. A vast majority of people who attend concerts stand on the bleachers to better see the concert. The negative part about this is when you have people that are taller than the statue of liberty stand in front of you because you can’t see a damn thing!! Plus they try and pack so many people on these bleachers that I feel like a sardine in a can. I am constantly rubbing up against people which gets really umcomfortable for me. Plus I am constantly falling off the bleachers from getting accidentally pushed by people. Other than it not being the most comfortable festival it is still one of my favorites.


At this music festival will see so many different kinds of people due to the many different genres of music. On one side of the spectrum you could see someone in cowboy boots and a cowboy hat on their way to the Marcus Ampitheater for a Florida Georgia Line concert or on a different day someone with baggie shorts and a backwards flat brim hat on their way to a School boy Q and Kendrik Lamar concert. You never know what to expect. Another thing that should be noted about this music festival is that every year they never disappoint to have really popular headliners! This past year Summerfest had artists such as: The Rolling Stones, Linkin Park, Florida Georgia Line, Kendrik Lamar and many other very popular artists. The year before last they had artists such as: Bruno Mars, Lady GaGa, Dave Matthews Band, Motley Crue, The Zac Brown Band and many others. This festival never disappoints for a lineup.


Another thing about this festival you have to keep in mind is you are in our alcoholic state of Wisconsin. Summerfest has one of the highest beer sales in a single location in the world. Pretty crazy to think about huh, there are so many drunk people there that the bathrooms just reek of vomit!! Probably a little over exaggerated but you get the point. There are multiple beer stands where you can get a ton of different beers and mix drinks. You just have to go to the right place and you can get many different options of drinks. The only thing I didn’t like was paying $6 for a miller light. I’m going to warn you drink prices are very expensive, this is where the festival makes most of its money. So if you plan on drinking be ready to drop come cash.

Another thing to note about this festival is it has DELICIOUS food. The first thing I noticed when I walked into the festival was the delicious smell of mini sugar donuts. I needed up not being able to resist the temptation of that magnificent aroma, so I bought some on the first day. They have so many different varieties of food. You can buy anything from corn on the cob to Chinese style food. I recommend anyone that goes to this festival to try some kind of their food.


Also Like I talked about before there are multiple different kinds of little shops that sell many different kinds of things. I went and had a 30 minute conversation with an Australian women who had a stand that sells didgeridoos, it was really cool! There are also different stands that sell cool t-shirts, pictures, hats, bags and many other things. They sell just about anything you can think of.

Lastly I usually talk about things that should be brought to certain festivals. This is usually a festival that people go to for a day and then go home. So really just bring yourself and some friends. There is no camping available if you would want to stay the night you would have to rent a hotel around Milwaukee. This is a great festival with a lot of great music. I suggest this festival to anyone who wants a full day or 10 of great music.


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